The Tennis Committee have agreed the following Code of Conduct for all Club Members and Guests:

  • To abide by the Rules of the Club at all times
  • To show respect for each other
  • To avoid aggressive behaviour and abusive language
  • To maintain an appropriate and clean dress code
  • To look after the Club premises and equipment
  • To welcome people regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality, religion or age
  • To value the contribution of all our members in the efficient running of the Club.

Conduct of members

The Tennis Club Committee, may suspend/ban from the Club any Member whose conduct, whether on the Club premises or elsewhere, is, or has been, in the opinion of the Tennis Club Committee contrary to the interests of the Club, or injurious to its reputation.

The suspended/banned Member can request to meet the Tennis Club Committee at its next meeting, provided this request is submitted in writing to the Secretary 7 days prior to the date of the meeting, and any allegations against the Member shall be related (in his/her presence if he/she attends) to the meeting by a member of the Tennis Club Committee, and the suspended/banned Member shall (if he/she desires) be allowed, at the discretion of the meeting, and/or the Chairperson or designated deputy, a reasonable adjournment to enable the preparation of an answer.

The decision of the Tennis Club Committee at said meeting or at any adjourned meeting whether to reinstate the suspended/banned Member or to terminate his/her Membership shall be taken by vote and shall be final and conclusive.


The Tennis Club Committee may from time to time make, vary and revoke By-Laws (not inconsistent with this Code of Conduct) for the regulation of the internal affairs of the Club and the conduct of the Members, and the by-laws for the time being in force shall be binding on all Members. The content of such by-laws shall be posted in the Clubhouse.


By registering to join Togher Community Tennis Club, you agree to abide by and be governed by the rules and etiquette of togher Community Tennis Club. You also agree to abide by the Tennis Ireland Child Protection Policy and anti-bullying Policy. Any breaches of the above policies may result in your immediate expulsion from the club. Under Irish law, the club is obliged to report incidents of child protection, sexual harassment and bullying to An Garda Siochana.

Club Rules

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